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Since its inception in 1965, Savannah AMBUCS has been proudly hosting the Exceptional Bowling League (ABLED) for those with different abilities. Starting at an AMBUCS chapter meeting in Augusta, the Augusta Chapter president happened to have owned a bowling alley. During the visit, a Savannah AMBUCS member noticed children with different abilities were bowling together. Motivated and inspired by this, Savannah AMBUCS thought creating our own bowling program would be a great addition to the Savannah community, thus pioneering the ABLED League's creation, now known as the Exceptional Leauge of Bowlers. To date, our league has been enjoyed by over 2,000+ bowlers throughout the years.

Currently, our bowling league has 92 members. Our children's bowling league is hosted for children with different abilities between the ages of 7-16, and the adult league is hosted for adults 17 or older. Our groups meet at the AMF Savannah Lanes, located on 115 Tibet Avenue, Savannah, GA.

Our adult bowling league meets at 10 AM on Saturday. The children's league varies on when each event is scheduled. For any additional information or concerns, please contact Diane Farr at (912) 655-4714.

Our average attendance is around 12 children bowlers each month. AMBUCS members provide the bowling alley use, support for the lane access, and specialized bowling ramps for those in need of additional modifications via their fundraising efforts.

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