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On October 17th, Savannah AMBUCS is founded.

Savannah AMBUCS begins involvement with the community with the Trustee’s School.

The AMBUCS Exceptional Bowling League is founded and created for those who are differently abled.

Savannah AMBUCS celebrates its 80th Anniversary.

ambucs history

The history and roots of Savannah AMBUCS run deep through the Savannah community. For 80 years, Savannah AMBUCS has been raising money for local community and activity groups. AMBUCS's history with the special needs community in Savannah initially began with the Trustee's School in 1955. Shortly after that, in the late 1950s, we created various fundraising activities. One included selling azalea plants to the local neighborhoods. During this time, we sold these azalea plants in groups of 10 for only $1.75! Thanks to the fundraising and events, we built the first little league stadium in Savannah with scoreboards, lighted fields, and bathrooms. The stadium, located on Victory Drive, was known as The Pony League.

Later on, at an AMBUCS chapter meeting in Augusta, the Augusta Chapter president happened to have owned a bowling alley. During the visit, a Savannah AMBUCS member noticed children with special needs were bowling together. Motivated and inspired by this, Savannah AMBUCS thought creating our own bowling program would be a great addition to the Savannah community, thus pioneering the ABLED League's creation, now known as the Exceptional Leauge of Bowlers. Although the AMBUCS Exceptional Bowling League (ABLED) was started initially for 7-16-year-olds, as the bowlers aged, the league increased its age limits and ultimately became an adult bowling league. The league currently has 70+ weekly adult bowlers. In 2012, the Savannah AMBUCS chapter re-introduced the special needs children's bowling league, which currently meets once a month. To date, our league has been enjoyed by over 2,000+ bowlers throughout the years.

Savannah ambucs celebrates
80th anniversary

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